<Aims of the Association for Children’s Environment>

1. Establishment of a synthetic academic research network related to ‘children’s environment’

We aim to make connections with all academic fields related to children’s academic fields such as urban planning, architecture, landscape design, sociology, pedagogy, childcare sciences, psychology, physical sciences, medical sciences and social welfare.

2. Participation of all people related to ‘children’s environment’

We welcome participation of not only academic researchers, but also practitioners working in children’s fields such as homecare, childcare, education, local community and government.

3. Promotion about ‘children’s environment’

We aim to promote widely the importance of environments for children by identifying influences which environments surrounding children give to children’s growth, from the academic viewpoints.

4. Promotion of synthetic policy for ‘children’s environment’

By crossing over different fields, such as education, welfare, medicine, urban planning, transport, police, we make suggestions and promotion of synthetic policy aiming to create environments for children.

5. Making an international network of ‘children’s environment’

By making connections with advanced countries in creation of environments for children and various countries where progress of urbanization is forecast, we aim to construct an international network of children’s environments.