1.Holistic academic research relating to ‘Children’s Environment’
Associations related to children’s matters such as children’s psychology, pedagogy, sociology, children’s welfare, health studies and medical sciences exist, but these academic associations are exclusive in their own field, while presently few incorporate interdisciplinary activities.

In terms of fields related to the environment such as the city, architecture and social engineering, engineering technology is the main stream and few researchers study on matters of children’s environments.

2. Education on the problems of ‘Children’s Environment’

In general, many seem to think that children can play and grow in any type of environment. Yet, it is essential that academic researches be carried out and evaluations of the environment be made to help understand the influences the ‘Children’s environment’ may have on them.

Suggestions and policies based on academic researches are desirably required to be made to people working with children, such as at home, or people in the fields of education, welfare, health and health care.

NPO organizations working on children matters are increasing but a more elaborate system for supporting their activities academically is desirable.

3. Promotion of holistic policies on ‘Children’s Environment’

Public policies relating to children matters are divided into sectors such as education, welfare, health care, city, transportation and police, yet there are few systems to promote interdisciplinary and holistic policies.

Recently, while some examples of holistic practices involving co-operation within the above-mentioned sectors can be seen, the need for suggestions and policies on ‘Children’s Environment’ based on academic research has increased.

4. Creation of an international network on ‘Children’s Environment’

Through exchanges of information and intercommunication with pioneers in western countries working on play parks and human rights, a need has risen to create an international academic network to deal with matters of ‘Children’s Environment’.